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Hi I was just looking for abit of advice of anyone who is going though the same problems I have at the mo been having thyroid symptoms for about 2-3 years but always told by my doc that my results r normal so I decided to change my doc,and actually got one to listen 2 my symptoms and she referred me to a endo

My results were tsh range0.5-5 results 1.1 and my t4 serum free range 11-23 results 11.8

Want to see endo on 29th June she told she can't give me any mediation as my results r normal so than sent me for more bloods pitutury gland and thyroid antibodies?plus some other tests?feel abit lost now as my next appointment is 2nd November and she said if she needs to c me after the results r back she will send for me!!can any help with my bloods results as ever my doc said with symptoms I have and low t4 I could benefits from some mediation to help me but wanted a endo to see me first?

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Welcome to the forum, Nikki3436.

I think your new GP referred you to endocrinology because she suspected secondary hypothyroidism because of low-normal TSH and low FT4.

Endo has ordered pituitary tests which should confirm or rule out pituitary dysfunction causing secondary hypothyroidism. Thyroid antibody tests will confirm or rule out autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) causing low FT4.

You probably will benefit from thyroid hormone replacement but will probably have to wait until the results are back and your endo writes to your GP.

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Hi I have just been given some results over the phone I have low cortisol levels?can anyone help explain?apparently I have 2 to go for further bloods tests but this will all be on the letter that has been sent out to me?also antibodies tests haven't come back so my endo will write to me regarding this when they come back


Nikki3436, post a new question asking for interpretation of the Cortisol results. Make sure you mention Cortisol in the title.

Thyroid Antibody results can take longer than other results.


It looks like you have a pituitary issue. Low cortisol can result from low this..this is why they want further testing. They should have explained more. Call them back. I hate doctors.


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