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I'm going cold turkey

Been to endo today and he said to stop all medication and hope for remission must say I'm quite scared

Mainly because if symptoms start coming back I have to get past doctor not interpretaing the results right as he has advised GP to test every 4 months

One small victory I have got him to test my instrict factor

All though he refused to do any of others I know test isn't 100 percent reliable but we are going in right direction

Fingers crossed for me

Thanks to every one for all their help this year

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Good luck and hope everything works out fine for you.


Thanks shaw this site has been my saviour in last year

Still don't feel completely better but I'm sure that my leftover symptoms are b12 related

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Just to keep you busy :) a list:-


Good luck, Rush112. You can post your results for comment if you're worried about your GP's interpretation. I hope the remission lasts.


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