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Carbimazole, skin cancer

I have been taking carbimazole for

About 5 yrs, now down to 10mg daily. I recently found a spot on my chest which didn't quite look right to me so went to see the doc. Now waiting for app at hospital as she thinks it's basal cell carsenoma.

Glad I have caught it early. Now waiting for my blood test results, fbc,t4,t3,glucose and lft.

Has anyone else had a problem like this and could it be down to the carbimazole and my immune system?

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Hello duster,

Sorry to hear of your worrying situation.

I am hypothyroid so have no expereince of hyperthyroidism.

However, I always thought carbimazole has been used as a cancer treatment in the past so certainly would not be the cause of your spot.

I hope your blood test results brings good news.



Duster, according to Factmed:

Percentage of CARBIMAZOLE patients where BASAL CELL CARCINOMA is a reported side effect: 1.1211%


Thank you Flower and Clutter. I am hoping to stay on the carbimazole for a long time you have put my mind at rest.


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