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Desperate friend

I know you can help me as always with this , I live in Spain and the only thyroid medication avaible is Levo , even the top specialist don't use NDT or T3 although medication can be sourced from Andorra if you want to self medicate .

My question , my niece is 33 and has no thyroid due to cancer , she has been self medicating on T3 for 2 years but is really not well at all at the moment , she would like to come to UK to see a consultant privately , is this possible ? And any recommendations ? She is a member her but too sick to write a message so any help would be fantastic xx

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Ldepluzer, email for a list of private endocrinologists recommended by members. Some will require a brief referral letter from your niece's primary doctor.

Gena Lee Nolin has published a list of internationally recommended doctors If you look at the UK doctors you'll see one practices in London and Spain. The doctor in Enfield is a maxillo facial and thyroid surgeon, not an endocrinologist.

You can post a question asking for feedback on individual doctors but please ask for replies to be via private messages.


Very helpful , many thanks


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