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Spots and aches

Okay so I'm not sure if this is related to my thyroid but is my main reason for looking into my condition more recently after being managed on just levothyroxine for years.

But in the last year I've had these spots appear on my right breast, at first there were only three that wouldn't heal but over time it now covers one side of my breast.

I've been to the doctors several times, they don't seem concerned called it nondescript spots, first time she gave me steroid cream which did nothing but make my skin go all scaly. Last time she gave me antibiotics and cream as they were infected.

The infection has cleared up now but they're still there... so far I'm none the wiser as to what is causing it and why it won't heal and I know your thyroid can be linked to dermatitis so I wondered if anyone here had a similar experience?

It basically is acne, was white heads for a while until the antibiotics got rid of the infection but the red acne like spots are still there.

I'm going to raise it again at my next doc appointment in a couple of weeks when I get my thyroid check results back but wondered if anyone here had ideas I could pose to the doc?

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This sounds similar to what I've had for YEARS!! So frustrating- as nothing has worked and I've tried everything and seen all kinds of people about it... Even thought it might be hormonal and get better after my hysterectomy but it hasn't 😕. I'm currently taking a calcium, magnesium and D3 concoction with zinc and selenium to see if things will improve.... It gets me down sometimes as doctors and specialists have been useless over the years.... x


I had discoid eczema for some years, patches on my breasts, stomach, etc... The doctor I eventually saw (a skin specialist), I paid to go privately as I'd got nowhere with the GP, told me to stop using ordinary soaps/shower gels etc.. Also to use the non biological soap powders & liquids. I was given an emulsifying cream to use for showering/bathing (Dermol) and another cream (diprobase)to apply afterwards. Plus a stronger cortisol cream to use if it flared. It still appears from time to time, but if I use the cream wash and begin to treat it straight away, it will usually subside. I have had to have antibiotics in the past, if it became infected. I still don't know if is linked to the thyroid problem. Mine was at it's worst when I was going through severe stress. Best wishes MariLiz


Thank you both, is very frustrating that the doctor doesnt really have a clue..

I had tried using natural soap and bath salts and did notice a small improvements when I used the all natural himalayan bath salts and soaps... but I think the infection could have been stopping it help clear it up - so might go back to using the natural soap and salts and see if that does the trick no the infection is gone...


I had continual rashes on my body for about 4 years. They began at the back of my neck in the hair line and then went also to my stomach and back and occasionally my legs. Nothing the doctor gave me or me eliminating washing powder/soap etc worked.

The rashes cleared within a few weeks of starting Thyroxine apart from the spots on the back of my neck which I still have.


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