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Prolactin levels

Hi can anyone help? I have an appointment to see a entomologist I think that's what it's called as my prolactin levels were 2200 m/ul all my doctor says is that it's high I also haven't had proper periods in 7 months suffer severe anxiety and depression have pains in the back of my head and neck and also headaches I would be very grateful if anyone could shed some light for me.

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Welcome to the forum, Emg1980.

You will have been referred to an endocrinologist for investigation into prolactinoma although other causes of high prolactin and hormone levels will also be investigated.

This link explains what prolactinoma is and the treatment options.

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High prolactin can be a result of very low thyroid levels. Sometimes, just putting you on thyroid medication will bring prolactin levels down. So if your TSH is "normal," push for other tests like Free T3, which may show the true deficiency.


Hi thanks for you reply my doctor checked my thyroid levels and he said it was ok?


Are you SURE he checked actual thyroid levels, meaning Free T3, Free or Total T4, and not just TSH? TSH can be very misleading. You should ask to see a copy of your lab results.


Hi thanks for your advice when I see the specialist on the 18th I will say all of this


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