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Are these thyroid issue symptoms?

Hi. I posted a few days ago about how I was feeling. Then yesterday felt better. However, after having a good day until late afternoon I am really not sure if this is thyroid or a viral infection.

Symptoms are; aching bones/muscles (particularly hands and arms), slightly sore throat and fullness when swallowing, constant sore head with a fuzzy/ band feeling, aching neck/shoulders, fatigue, asthma/chest feeling raw (no cough), keep losing voice, cold extremities but face and neck feel hot. As I said the other day I feel generally unwell but don't understand why one day I feel ok then deteriorate.

Thank you again for any words of wisdom.

I don't have an appointment at GP for 12 days although I have a home thyroid testing kit due tomorrow.

Thank you

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It could be hypothyroid issues, as it's autoimmune and hormone levels fluctuate throughout the day; which could explain the fluctuating symptoms. But it could be something else.

Do your home test kit ASAP, but unless you test early morning, preferably starved; then your results are pretty worthless.

Best wishes x

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sounds very typical of hashimotos autoimmune flares especially when you do too much on a good day and pay for it for 3 days afterwards


They could be symptoms related to low B12 too. It might be worth getting B12 folate and ferritin tested on your next blood test. When I'm due my next B12 injection I usually feel "flu type" symptoms, sore skin aching joints and muscles, and so terribly tired. Good luck with getting sorted. MariLiz


Could it be something you ate? Maybe you're having a reaction to a goitrogen.


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