How much of effect fors thyroid disease have on private area?

Basically for two years i've been having issues with dry skin, rashess, numbness, sensitivitu going totally to various degrees of returned sensitivity, small shrivelled etc, very dry skin.

Urologist said he can't see anything wrong and my bloods are normal although my prolactin levels are high. He said that could be due to stress.

Lot of my symptoms sound like thyroid and low t but t levels are fine. Going out on a date tomorrow and this issues are really startimg to scare me.

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  • without knowing exactly what your thyroid results and ferrirtin,folate,b12.vit d3 are its hard to tell but low thyroid affects every single cell in the body and typically creates many of the symptoms you list

    high prolactin levels should be properly checked though since they could indicate piturity problems part of which may be thyroid

  • Vitamin d was low at 38 but should be lot higer now because been on high dose.

    B12 is I think dangerously low at 233 and could be contributing to issues but because it's in range doc won't do any5hing. Think ferratin was normal.

    I think the docs are keeping me ill.

  • sounds like you need to watch the Utube video of Se Chandrys speech at the PA conference

    plus there should be a report soon of his speech at conference last week

  • Hypo101,

    You need to post recent test results for people to comment.

    I have suffered very weird symptoms in the most weird places and put everything down to thyroid issues.

    Have a good date night. Sounds fun.

  • Hi Hypo, they don't understand. Stress raises cortisol no matter where it stems from but starts in hypothalamus. Cortisol helps you adapt to the stress but in order to do that, it needs to reduce thyroid. Stress is supposed to be short term, long term keeps you in the fight or flight mode. When your adrenals are worn out, you have a terrible time having good thyroid function. Then you have serotonin problems and dopamine problems, etc.

  • Hello,

    I have problems to understand spoken english. Could you explain, why worn out adrenals may cause hypo sympthoms even when labs are OK? And how is that connected to neurotransmiters?

    Thank you.

  • Hi pepous, I think you can understand this article.

  • Also your adrenals use massive amounts of magnesium and a shortage of that depresses your nervous system. Magnesium cannot be stressed enough.

  • Just read the magnesium answer as well, brilliant thank you.

  • What a brilliant short description on what goes wrong with the thyroid due to stress. Thank you for that Heloise, although I knew it has sunk in because of the way you have explained it.

  • So very glad to hear that, Margo. We really need to become students of this. I spent many years on a doctor's BB. He knew the limitations of conventional medicine after practicing for 35 years. Doctors don't really know anatomy that well and they certainly don't seem to care about deficiencies. The videos from Dr. Clark (functional medicine) and Dr. John Bergman are really brilliant. You should look him up on YouTube and his discussion of the nervous system is astonishing. I hope you will look into both.

  • Thank you Heloise will do.

  • If you are hypo and have Hashi's then it could be another autoimmune problem called lichen planus. I had it for about 13 years and it affected my privates and my mouth. They will only diagnose properly through a biopsy and treatment is steroids and avoiding things that cause a flare like stress and chemicals. It disappeared when my hypo presented itself. Deep joy! Good luck.

  • Happy Friday...I have hypo but there's something that concerns me and I don't know if it's related to the hypo or not. I've lost all my pubic hair; my doctor has not said there's a connection but I wonder?! Does anyone have a clue? Thanks!!

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