Thyroid Antibodies - refusal on NHS

Hi - can you tell me why a GP would refuse to do thyroid antibodies ?? I know the treatment on the NHS is the same, but surely you need to know what you actually have ? GP spoke with an endo who also refused the antibody test....are there any grounds that you can ask for it, a right ? I dont think you should have to go privately!!

Thank you

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The RCP have decreed that with thyroid antibodies a TSH of over 5 is to be treated

but without thyroid antibodies a TSH of 10 is to be treated

bottom line is they save money from not doing the test plus you do not get free prescriptions

the idiots fail to see that loss of work and productivity and the welfare costs are horrendous

RFU, Danifox has a diagnosis and is on Levothyroxine so is eligible for exemption from prescription charges. The refusal to test antibodies now may be because it isn't seen as relevant to her treatment.

sorry Clutter

you may have time to trawl back posters histories to see what they are already on but if the info is not in their posting its not obvious

Thank you reallyfedup this question is for a friend who has been refused. I am very lucky my GP is testing them every 6 months as i am trying to lower them myself :)

Danifox, Your GP and endo may be assuming that as 90% of hypothyroidism is due to autoimmune thyroid disease that is the cause of your hypothyroidism. NHS only treats the hypothyroidism resulting from autoimmune thyroid disease, not the cause of the autoimmune disease. If you want to know what your antibody levels are it looks like you will have to order a private test.

In the UK, hypothyroidism is usually due to autoimmune hypothyroidism or thyroid damage after surgery or radioactive iodine therapy.

Indications for checking for TPO-Ab include:

Subclinical hypothyroidism where the TSH level is less than 10 mU/L.

Yes i know this, i have written that myself.

Hello Dannifox6,

Hashimoto Thyroditus isn't usually recognised by conventional medicine as they consider the treatment to be the same as Hypothyroidism. In this day of National Health Service cuts, I would assume they just don't consider it important enough.

People are usually only offered one test ever anyway and although it is nice to know whether you have this auto immune disease or not, it is not imperative as the treatment is basically a good life style.

People who tested positive for Hashimotos have generally found eating a nutrient dense diet and maybe experimenting with gluten or dairy free diets have helped enormously.

If you worried and would like the test there on details on the thyroid UK website. Alternatively I think Hashimotos gives a low white cell blood count so you could always ask for a full blood count blood test. However, I'm not sure of this so you need to research yourself.

Not all Hashimotos patients are helped by nutrient rich diets or going gluten or dairy free

nor does a high nutrient diet prevent the dramatic drop in vitamin levels that occurs before the hypothyroid gets diagnosed

My husband had Beri Beri and Scurvy long before the idiots diagnosed Hashimotos and that was despite always eating loads of vit C rich fruit , stoneground wholemeal bread and a totally organic diet with positively no processed or manufactured foods

same applies to daughter and granddaughters

Yes, we all need our vitamin levels tested in order to keep optimumly topped up. It's just ashame we don't learn all this until after we are deficient and in trouble.

I think it's disgraceful that they dont want to diagnose, even if you want to help yourself. My GP is helpful, they should at the very least diagnose you properly before it's too late.

hi my last gp refused me the antibodies test after saying symptoms were all in my head and refered me to a mental health team (a watse of resources that are alreadly stretched to breaking point). i found a surgery willing to do the test. is there another gp in your area that could do the same?

It's for a friend and i will suggest it, thank you Joyce.

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