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Being overweight means you live longer!

Dr Malcolm Kendrick doesn't half get about lately.... :)

(from his book doctoring data) - food for thought?

I for one, have no chance of being svelte in the near future - so may as well not worry about a few extra pounds, for now anyway ... J :D

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Does this mean that I have to gain weight? I don`t fancy doing that!

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Why Don't we all just stop listening to them and let them fight it out between themselves!

Besides, where is the proof that being over-weight/obese is a seperate 'problem' set aside from everything else? What if - as in thyroid disease - it's just another symptom, and it's the under-lying disfunction that causes all the problems associated with being over-weight/obese. The medical profession are very, very fond of putting the cart before the horse and confusing symptoms with diseases. I think there's a distinct possibility that they've done that in this area, too.


What fab news! I can now not bother trying to fasten my jeans up and just my stomach free fall...wahayeeeeeeeeeeee!

Cough.... :)


Is it just me or is society fat-obsessed?

I'm not entirely sure it matters if you're fat or thin... both states have their difficulties.

Yet I knew 2 chaps with the same 'big C' condition - there was quite a difference in survival rate as one had 'reserves' - as Dr Kendrick notes some studies claim to "save lives" - nope, no-one's going to come out of this alive!

we may hope to gain a little extra time 'tho. I don't find that depressing, just factual.

everyone's congratulated for losing the weight... some get certificates - well done! - er- perhaps you're actually ill? (not making things up there) yes I lost 4 stone and felt awful! (looking back I was "running on adrenalin" as I actually did nothing) hindsight can't be bought...

I work in an office where no-one eats in public (female 'no-ones' that is) or allowed to admit to eating at all? Someone's birthday - a piece of cake - oh! how naughty! suddenly it tastes better (I'd rather a twiglet).

And this isn't my first office job! (The world is crazier than me!)

thanks for listening J :D

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