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Pregnant but no extra thyroid test

Hi I'm only early in trimester one but when I asked about a blood test too ensure my levo is correct I was told I didn't need one as my current dose should be fine Is that right? I do feel so much different this time from my first pregnancy I have some energy and can do things. Last time I just slept and slept so maybe my levy is fine but still shouldn't it be checked.

Any advice welcome many thanks

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I was told by an endocrinologist to up my dose by half again immediately if I became pregnant. I have just googled the nice guidelines and they also state your dose must be immediately increased, but slightly more gradual It would be a good idea to print off the guidelines to show your G.P. It makes it clear if he is out of his depth he should refer you to a specialist. There are risks to the baby from being under treated in pregnancy, so it is important to go back to your doctor straight away for tests and an increase in dose.


No, that's not fine. They need to do blood tests once a month throughout your pregnancy. If you are hypo-thyroid the first trimester is the most important and your dosage should have been upped so that you are on the high side of normal either before you fell pregnant or as soon as you found out.

My own experience of thyroid and pregnancy is that GPs just don't get it so you need to be very assertive (which I know can be difficult when you are feeling tired and emotional in the first stages of pregnancy!).

Please please don't take their word for it, and good luck with everything xx


Hi Nettiboo.

I noticed from previous posts that you are vegetarian and had been prescribed Metiform, which depletes B12, so just wondered if you'd had your B12 checked? Pregnancy makes high demands on vitamin B12 and it is very important that you have good levels for healthy development of your baby.

Autoimmune thyroid and B12 deficiency are often interlinked and all these conditions would out you in the high risk group.

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