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Info for teenagers

Hi everyone

Please could someone recommend a good book to give my teenage hypothyroid son (he is 19yrs) He has been feeling I'll for several years now but doesn't want to really engage in learning about his condition although it has really affected his life.

I have done all the research and he will take whatever supplements I recommend but has no faith in them and can't see why he should take so many so doesn't take them all every day. I think he is really a bit depressed although he says that he is not.

He needs to try to learn and experiment for himself because he knows best how he feels. He is stays in his bedroom and is failing at college because he's been so poorly and has lost heart . He will only see medical doctors and has no belief in alternative medicine although he was discharged years ago by the endocrinologist who heard me say that he still wasn't well and told us that it was nothing to do with his hypothyroidism as levels were fine on levo - ha!

His (lovely) gp has referred him to sleep clinic, and, on my suggestion chronic fatigue clinic because he gets so exhausted.

To be honest i am scared that he will feel really down when he learns that his thyroid gland will probably degrade further over the years when he does read up about it.

Many thanks

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You could try Dr Durrant-Peatfield's book: 'Your Thyroid and How To Keep it healthy'. He's a medical trained doctor but now also treats using nutritional medicine as well as hormone therapy. Because he realises you need a more holistic approach to thyroid care to get optimal support. Your son may take note of what this book educates about, because it's written by a medical doctor and the book explains why good nutrition and lifestyle choices are also needed to help the metabolism function optimally. It's a super book for both the lay-person and healthcare practitioner to refer to. I've got a copy and use it like a bible really. It's so helpful.

Another medic who uses nutritional medicine is Dr Sarah Myhill. She has a super website full of free information that your son could peruse. She explains all the scientific reasons why again nutrition, lifestyle choices made along with drug or hormone therapy (if needed), result in better health. :-)

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Hi rosypo, how about "Tired Thyroid" by Barbara S Lougheed, there is also a website which is very informative. I am finding the book quite useful. It is written by a thyroid patient and all the advice and information has been well researched.


Thankyou very much. It looks like a very clear informative site.

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