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Humorous comments by Thyroid Patients

Hi, saw comments like this on the internet--this tickled my funny bone. 105) Patient had a TSH over 40 about 6 years ago. Doctor said it was a typo. He tested it again, and it was over 40 again. Another typo, he says. Tested again, same results, same excuse. No treatment of any kind, even though her hair and eyebrows were falling out, falling asleep while driving, 40 pounds overweight while living on apples, chicken and rice…and working out 12 hours per week, skin like a lizard, well, you know the rest. She fired him. (9-2012)

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SanDiegoCa, I can believe it! I wonder what that doctor needed to see before accepting his poor patient was hypothyroid?


Of course it wasn't her thyroid, it was Human Typo Disorder. It has the same symptoms of course....

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