Interesting graphs from

Interesting graphs from

This one shows us how very important vitamins and minerals are for the adrenals. It makes things very clear.

These are some of the other charts they have. Click on the first one and you will get a slide show.

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  • Greygoose, we need enough acid to demineralize food which is part of our problem, isn't it.

    Salt craving may be due to a need for minerals in our diet. Pettals posted this video which involves much of our problem to the adrenals. He also mentions Dr. Peat at 15 as well. He gives a lot of understanding to this condition. See if you agree.

  • Sorry, I Don't follow you, there. I wasn't asking a question that needed a reply. I know low stomach acid is a problem. I'm not new to adrenal fatigue. But I thought this might be useful for people who still aren't aware of how important vitamins and minerals are. :)

  • Yes, I realize you weren't asking. This doctor supports what you are saying and I think expands on it. Just watch the first few minutes and you'll see what I mean. This is more of a holistic view and as he says, "there is nothing wrong with these organs (thyroid-adrenal)" they are functioning as they should under the circumstances but there is something definitely wrong.

    Because you are willing to give your time here I thought you might appreciate this. I think it is worth a few minutes of your time.

  • OK, thank you. But I Don't have the time right now - running late!!! And I Don't have sound on my computer. But I'll Watch it sometime.

  • Okay, GG, I'm not in the field but have read hundreds of health articles, followed a medical bulletin board where real patients recorded their findings using the methods given (a lot of it had to do with stress reduction techniques and diet) for 15 years. I think this man goes along with all I've learned and explains it with such clarity while exposing the limitations of conventional medicine which we know quite well is so far beyond understanding this condition. It is not preachy and very motivating. I hope you can find a way to watch it.

  • Very interesting film, Heloise. Especially like the emphasis on integrative medicine and looking at the body as a whole with what the illness is telling you. Not sure I agreed with a lot of his stuff on environmental toxins, but otherwise well worth the watch. Thanks for posting it.

  • Thank you Chancery. I have to give Pettals the credit for the find. We decided we needed to keep it out in front to get people to watch. He certainly makes sense to me. He has many more which I haven't seen as yet.

    We have to look at our thyroid condition more holistically.

  • Hi again, I looked back at one of your old posts where you figured there was a connection, albeit hidden, among various conditions.

    You thought it was perhaps inflammation. Is that right?

    I've mentioned Dr. Stoll here several times whose bulletin board I followed for years. While he answered each medical question that came in daily, he constantly urged us to use a technique he called skilled relaxation. This was to induce release of stored stress in the hypothalamus from the book by Herbert Benson "The Relaxation Response" which was key in reducing the kind of stress that causes illness. This relaxation technique can relieve stored stress in the hypothalamus and open pathways in the body that releases muscle tension. So, it may be a form of inflammation, this tension, that reduces blood supply and negatively affects the body. He also recommended a book called The Second Brain.

    I guess that is why John Bergman appealed to me because he reminded me so much of Dr. Stoll's teachings.

  • Thanks again, Heloise, lots of useful avenues there to pursue. I'll get on to Google/Amazon and check everybody out and see what talks to me. Always good to have personal recommendations!

  • Heloise, thank you for this fantastic video. amazingly powerful yet simple and yet need to make changes to handle my stress. Thanks again.

  • Its amazing how some vitamins can help the adrenals, I had a b12 deficiency and my cortisol levels were 4 (ref 5-35) and after b12 injections they went up to 16 which is optimal from what I've heard.

  • That's wonderful, Carly. I'm so pleased for you.

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