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Throat clicks when swallowing


Does anyone have experience of their throat clicking when they swallow, is it likely to be linked to my Hypothyroidism? I also have the sensation of a lump in my throat, have had 3 endoscopies which showed hiatus hernia which I take omeprazole for, also showed a polyp but they said it wouldn't be causing the problems with the feeling of a lump. The GP told me that the feeling of the lump was all in my head! The clicking has recently got much worse, clicks even when I swallow saliva, very uncomfortable. I also unfortunately have oesophageal spasm which causes me to choke on the smallest amount of food sometimes.

Should I be getting this clicking investigated further? any advice or help you can give would be appreciated

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Hi Janey, I have Hypothyroidism and I used to sometimes get an annoying click in my throat when swallowing, especially when lying down in bed at night. (An extra pillow sometimes helps). Since I have been taking Levo it SEEMS to have disappeared.

I also have choking episodes, I still get these - don't think it's anything to do with my tiny (under 1cm) nodule. I'm hoping that all these strange symptoms may disappear when I can persuade my GP and Endo that I need an increase in medication.


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