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Is Ted classed as a visual impairment

I have been batteling for 4 years trying to get consideration at work






it has effected me so much that with the lack of support I have been off work for months

Where I now find myself at the third formal review where I will possibly get the sack

I had corrective surgary coming up to a month ago the out come is amazing that I can't believe myself how much my sight was affected

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123hih123, I believe employers have to make reasonable consideration for conditions or impairments which make it difficult to carry out normal tasks. There is information in this link


Thyroid eye disease is so rare that it is unusual for anyone to know what to do when you have it.

With double vision you are not allowed to drive.

I have also found that neither employers or Government help eg, ESA, disability, etc have any knowledge of the disease and do not credit it as a reason to claim benefits.

You could ask your GP or Opthalmologist for a letter or sick note for your employer.

You say you have corrective surgery and the results are amazing. Are you saying that your surgery has helped?


My understanding is that you are certainly covered by the Equalities Act 2010. Your condition would fall under the 'protected characteristics' and disability under the act.


(1)A person (P) has a disability if—

(a)P has a physical or mental impairment, and

(b)the impairment has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on P's ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. (from gov site)

as such employers have a duty under the act to make reasonable adjustments in order to assist you with carrying out your work. I have recently succeeded with my local authority employer after trying for years and under the old DDA when I got nowhere.

I read the E Act fully to inform myself and armed with that knowledge I challenged my employers.

You should look at the act- there are protections regarding time off for treatment of the condition which falls under a protected characteristic.

You cannot be disadvantaged because you have a disability/health condition that impairs functioning compared to another employee with no disability/health condition.

TBH my union was useless as was my Occ Health dept so I had to gen up myself and quote parts of the act to employer.

It took a while but I now have visual aids that really help me at work. Still fighting them (a 'caring' local authority - she chuckles) vis a vis time off for treatment and medical appointments but ill keep on fighting them.

Get the power of knowledge and approach them when you are sure of your case.

Ask your consultant or GP whether they think you are covered under the act - I would be very surprised if they said no. Most people I come across are ignorant of the act or unsure what is covered but most of us with visual problems are covered.

good luck


Have had Hashimotos for more than 20 years and 2 years ago I had an attack of Occular Myasthenia similar symptoms as you double vision eye lid closed had a course of steroid and am now fine. My trouble is finding the same tabs I have had for years being MercuryPharma who seem to have been taken over by Concordia international not good news


Can't help on your question but please detail a bit about surgery. I'm also left a bit exophtalmic at one eye after TED and with some double vision and o would like to explore the corrective surgery option


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