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Sudden onset of symptoms

Hi everyone, I hope you can help. I have been diagnosed Hashi's for almost a year and thanks to all of your help and advice have been relatively well and able to carry on with a normal life....until today! I have been dizzy, itchy spots on head, am stuttering and so tired! Almost passed out at work so they put me in a cab home. Why all of a sudden am I poorly?

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Perhaps you have a virus, these don't sound like thyroid symptoms to me. Even if you're well controlled you can still get ill with something else.

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I would ask your GP to check your blood levels, just in case you need an increase in your dose.


I distinctly remember my ex having these symptoms and it was shingles. Go see a GP to get a correct diagnosis otherwise you're second guessing. Good luck


Hi, could be an antibodies flare. This can be caused by lots of things with hashis from stress to gluten. A blood test will confirm a flare. good luck x


Thanks everyone. I had a blood test the morning that I wrote the post. The blood test was requested by my GP after I wrote a letter of complaint about the surgeries inability to treat me correctly. That said, all she tested was TSH and T4. I queried it but to no avail. I have got progressively worse as the week has gone on. All of the symptoms are those which took me to the GP before I was diagnosed. As there are over 200 symptoms for Hashi's I don't think anything should be dismissed but another autoimmune disease is possible! I am going armed with various research tomorrow so I will let you all know the outcome :)


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