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NDT Weight loss

Does anyone know if it is normal to loss about weight on NDT. I had went to high in October last year to 3 1/2 grains but cut back in November to 2 1/2 then 2 grains and now 7 weeks on 2grain which is great if I did not suffer these scary missed heartbeats .my energy was not bad when I was on 2 but I knew I had lossed some weight as I never weigh myself as I always stayed around the same or put it on slowly , feel better on 1 and3/4 grains and would get slightly tired but I sleep well and if I could get rid of missed heartbeats I would be very happy .I have lossed around 10lbs ,which I am now weighing myself to keep an eye on .bloods were on previous post .any one else lossed weight like this .

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Many people lose weight when first on thyroid hormones, as they raise your metabolism.

The best way to judge if a particular dose of medication suits you is to judge how you feel and if well you are on the optimum dose. You should be aware of any side effects which can occur and if they do so you just reduce to the dose down to the one you were on previously. Your weight loss could also be due to being on too much as you went to 3 1/2 then subsequently reduced and are now on 1 1/2. Re your missed heartbeats. If they are very regular you should have your heart checked. They could also be due to something within the NDT you are using and maybe a change to another might relieve them.


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