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Endocronologist referal at last but unsure of referal

Hi I have finally after many years of peresistance been refered by my doctor to a endocronologist re my under active thyroid. My current options are the norfolk and norwich or james Paget in gt yarmouth has anyone used these my other option would be to push for Ipswich any help would be appreciated as I'm finally part way there I want to make the right decision.

Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #24, thank you.

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kjs, email for the list of endos recommended by members and you can check out if any are working at the hospitals above.


I was seen by an endo @N&N in 2012 for my 'm.e'. She was good in terms of being happy to leave me on T4/T3 combo - unlike Wales - and did appropriate cortisol tests for Cushings and Addison's - but did not make the connnection between my M.E and hypo thyroid adrenal insufficiency because like all of them she relies on blood tests etc. But she was ok about my TSH being significantly surpressed. Hope that helps.


Hi all... I wondered whether anyone had a list of the Endos which they could email me. I'm seeing a reluctant GP in half and hour and I would like to go in assertively and ask for a referral. Just thought of this; hoping that someone is online, please pm me.


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