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Could I have some thoughts? I've been on 25 mg hc for seven years and still can't get my thyroid levels up,so I've weaned off of the hc and thinking about doing a 24 hr saliva test..... I have no thyroid and I'm on wp and still bed bound....a friend has suggested I have a stool test first because if I have bad bugs in the gut I'll have adrenal fatigue for sure so no point doing the adrenal test ?? I'm five weeks now off of hc...what are you're thoughts please? X

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Hi The only test my Endo says is any good for adrenals is a 24 hour urine collection with a cortisone tablet prescribed for midnight , then a blood test at 9am at the end of collection.For thyroid make sure you have a test for TSH, T4 and Free T3. You usually still need treatment after surgery.

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