Mary Kidson – Petition Presented to Parliament by John Hemming MP

Mary has written a petition which has been presented to Parliament by John Hemming MP.

In which she "requests that the House of Commons Justice Select Committee, the Health Select Committee and the Education Select Committee review the law to determine why it is that a state intervention both on the criminal basis and in care proceedings can proceed and do so much harm to the child that it is supposed to protect when there is in fact no case to answer."

We would be grateful if members could write to their own MPs and bring this petition to their attention.

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  • Letter to MP written and sent - thanks for letting us know!

  • Thanks

  • Absolutely not. I have read judgement by Judge in Family Div of High Court on Mr Hemming and his involvement in such proceedings. Never read anything so damning about an MP before. Also should you be asking people on this site which is related to thyroid problems to sign such a petition?

  • Yes, she should! The problem arose around the thyroid - and other hormonal problems - of the child in question that UK doctors refused to treat. This is a problem that the majority of us here know well. If we don't stand together, who is going to help us? I would do it but I don't have an MP as I don't live in the UK.

  • According to my reading, this woman received a diagnosis of hormone deficiency (a medical condiiton not recognised in the UK) after visiting many doctors. The deficiency highlighted by a Belgian Doctor apparently related to thyroid, oestrogen, growth hormone and cortisol. One of the medications provided was thyroid gland extract which is not recommended by AACE &BTA. The drug was stopped in the 1960's when T3 and T4 was discovered and became commercially available. It seems that there are problems with the extract as it varies from batch to batch. This extract has not been clinically proven by any trials and experts believe that it is given for fatigue, weight and depression which are not necessarilty related to the thyroid.

    This child was assessed by many specialists at the UK's leading childrens hospitals. Yes we do have internationally acclaimed paediatric specialists and people come from around the world to consult them. At the trial the Belgian Doctor who is not a paediatrician and uses alternative therapies particularly related to anti aging was called a quack by a UK Doctor. I also understand that the child was weaned off all medications prescribed by him.

    I am sorry to hear that you felt untreated when living in this country. I cannot stand with you as I have had excellent treatment and monitoring and at all times my wishes have been considered and indeed followed.

  • Well, then you are very Lucky! It is not everyone's experience. I wasn't even diagnosed until I came to France, and even then it took over 20 years.

    I would suggest you do a bit of research on Dr Hertoghe and NDT - you could start by reading on this site - because you don't seem to know very much about any of it. :)

    Doctor Hertoghe does not use 'alternative' thérapies, he's an endo and an anti-aging doctor and uses hormones - which is hardly 'alternative'. Anti-aging medicine has been given an unfortunately name, that doesn't reflect its goals. Anti-aging doctors are the ones that really know their hormones. Endos should but they don't. Fact. I was treated by one of Dr Hertoghe's students, so I do know what I'm talking about, and had I been in Mary Kidson's shoes, I would have done the same.

    I'm not even going to try and go into NDT (thyroid gland extract as you call it), it's so often been talked about on here, all you have to do is read. But to say that it varies from batch to batch is just plain ignorant.

  • Holby18, there are lots of people taking thyroid gland extract (NDT) on this forum, so I doubt there will be much support for your view that T4 and T3 is the only way to go, particularly since the NHS is clamping down on prescribing T3 because it is so expensive in the UK.

    And NDT does not vary from batch to batch. It goes through as many tests for potency as other medicines. There have been far fewer recalls of NDT over the last 20 years than there have been of levothyroxine.

  • Holby18,

    I was prescribed NDT by an Nhs medic who described fellow Nhs endocrinologists (who also work privately and ineptly in Britain) as "w*****s". After a quarter of a century of loss of health, loss of quality of life, loss of income and career, due to the chronic failure and inability of numerous Nhs medics, GP's and hospital consultants to correctly diagnose and treat my thyroid illness, I was finally - eventually! - diagnosed and prescribed the NDT. The NDT is standardised and has never, in its history of manufacture, been recalled.

    The Belgium medic is fourth or fifth generation hormone specialist in his family and can read, understand, analyse and interpret lab results and symptoms like the back of his hand - something that countless medics failed to do for me and my poor crippled mother who unnecessarily suffered decades of pain and died crippled and disabled from the ineptitude and ignorance of the Quacks in Britain that I've also been forced to stomach for decades.

    The true Quacks are those that I saw (at three or more famous leading hospitals in the UK) who couldn't understand a lab result or symptom if it smacked you in the face, and yet they pretend to know their arse from their elbow.

  • Well said!

  • oh yes she should!!!!!!!!!!!! big time! I cannot believe what I am reading on your post holby.. you must be in league with all those who want us dead!

    what that poor woman went thru and suffered, would you like to have spent your months in prison and not seen your child get better???

    I wonder if you have got any health problems at all.= oh of course == not now as you were lucky enough to find excellent treatment- would you mind telling me who you saw please?

    I wish I could afford to see dr Hertogue, I would be well, instead of running up credit card bills in order to get well, instead of lying in hospital for a week with an adrenal crisis and being wheeled down in a wheel chair to see a shrink when i was half dead! just because they were not knowledgable enough to know the symptoms, yellow diahorrea, losing a stone in weight, vomiting for England- I even had to ask for a drip - when you have an adrenal crisis you ned a saline drip for stabilisation. I never reall y recovered.

    then having my whole body trembling as if i am plugged into an electric circuit with perpetual electric shocks, having a blood test by a NHS endo and ALL MY HORMONES WERE FLAT ON THE FLOOR AND I WAS TOLD I WAS NORMAL-- IS THAT NOT A QUACK? YOU DO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD.crawling up the stairs on my hands and knees as I am so stiff, so ill, after

    spending my life wrapped in blankets on the settee, having my hair fall out regularly , buying wigs, watching my kids get upset because mum is so il she l hasn't got a life, aren't you lucky to have had excellent treatment so very lucky-- I am incensed by your blatant lack of empathy, and understanding of how this hormone lark or rather lack of affects us, we are not all as lucky as you, and half the time alternatives are necessary.

    the uk doesnt understand or recognise adrenals when it is staring then in the face!

    I would like to say to you that dr hertoque is president of the INTERNATIONAL HORMONE SOCIETY, and his father and father before him. he is no fool, do you not realise that without vital hormones we are dead.

    I will have to leave this here as I am so wound up at your inexperienced and damning replyabout the doctor and mother.

    dr. hertoque is a very caring very experienced man and I wonder how you would feel if you were like the majority of us here who have struggled to find health. WALK A MILE IN MARYS SHOES HOLBY AND WALK AMILE IN MY SHOES, WALK A MILE IN ALL OUR SHOES, and see how you like

    that. you are so lucky and SMUG if I may say, and I never pass any opinion on anybody on here but to sit there and tell us who have had so many problems in trying to get well that dr hertogue is a quack and that you have excellent treatment and monitored regularly, you are just rubbing everyones elses nose in your smugness.

    why are you here holby, you re obviously well now, we do not need you to be rubbishing our fabulous doctors. I expect you must be one of the oppositions wives!


  • Article about this in today's Sunday Times.

  • Are you a troll, Holby18? Your level of sheer ignorance would suggest so.

  • wiil do rosetress Dr. H is a brilliant man, we need of the same.

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