A little bit of hope, perhaps?

Dementia prevention may be a lot simpler than we think


After the doom and gloom of y last post about Dementia, could this be an antidote? Not exactly hypo-related but this is the sword of Damoclès that hangs over us all!

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  • But greygoose! You haven't met a doctor I saw!

    I mentioned my severe memory problems to her a few years ago and she said...

    "Well what do you expect? You're over 50!"

    I don't see that doctor any more...

  • How old was she? 12? I know, I know, they have no tact and no respect. Whatever happened to the bed-side manner? These days they think they can be as rude as they like with no come-back. I think a smack in the puss was in order!

  • PS Is this response not on the wrong thread, by any chance?

  • Probably. But don't confuse me, my 50+ year old brain can't take it. ;)

    The doctor was probably just a few years younger than me - I would have thought she was definitely in her 40s at the time this conversation took place.

    I posted here because some doctors think memory problems are normal for people my age and we should just accept our fate. Your link makes it clear that it is never too late.

  • Ah! OK, I thought you were carrying on an exchange from another thread... Look! My brain is even more confused than yours! I shall be 70 soon. lol But one thing I've noticed about certain doctors - and nurses come to that - they like to make out they're much younger than you, even when they aren't. But they have the whip hand, because they know your age, you don't know theirs! I think it all has to do with coming across as Superior in whatever way. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they're all like that but some of them are. And I'm babbling away because I'm busy tearing what's left of my hair out trying to make sense of a government website which just sends me round in circles all the time! How is my poor aged brain supposed to cope with that???????? Help!

  • Hi my gp told me at 46 my lethary and exhaustion was cause I needed to do more.Bearing in mind I worked full time had two children at home and was a primary school teacher. Now ive since lost job but finally getting treated. My memory has deteriorated and my communication skills sadly are poor.After being a good communicator and quick witted I feel ive lost years.

  • Oh, they just say the first thing that comes into their empty heads! They don't really know what they're talking about. Half the time they're winging it just like the rest of us.

    I'm sure your quick wit and communication skills will return once you get on the right dose of the right hormone replacement. But I think we all lose years due to medical incompetence. It's so sad.

  • There are certain truths that many doctors consider to be self-evident :

    1) Someone who is fatigued is lazy and needs to do more exercise.

    2) Someone with memory problems is getting old, and they should just learn to accept it.

    3) People who are fat must sit and stuff themselves all day, so they can be treated like dirt and nobody will care (except the patient but they aren't important).

    4) If it isn't mentioned in your GP Summary Care Record then you're lying. The Summary Care Record can never be wrong.

    5) Anyone who wants T3 is a drug-seeker, who probably took cocaine or speed in their youth.

    6) Everyone is depressed.

    7) Everyone is anxious.

    8) Everyone should take statins.

    On a more serious note...

    Getting your vitamins and minerals up to optimal levels will make a big difference to how you feel. Make sure you get copies of all blood tests, including the reference ranges. Doctors are quite happy to keep people with thyroid problems under-medicated for years. If necessary you can self-medicate.

  • Yup, that sounds about right. But you forgot two things : 1) all patients are stupid - far too stupid to know anything about their bodies or how they feel, or to understand anything if you explain it to them - so don't bother! and 2) ALL patients lie! About everything.

  • Between the two of you you have created a perfect "10 Things Every Doctor Knows About You". Quite brilliant. I think I may slip one into my bag next time I have to go to the doc.

  • lol

  • In other words they cleaned up their diet to eat fresh natural foods and corrected vitamin mineral deficiencies

    if they also kicked aluminium and flouride out of their lives that would complete the picture

  • Yup. Not rocket science, is it. lol

    But, I imagine they also stopped taking OTC médications. Well, they probably wouldn't need them if they cleaned up their act, would they...

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