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Just to say, I am feeling my whole self again. I don't know what everyone else thinks of getting any better but I think it's down to good Consultations and hospital work with referalls near the end and a good doctor. I had an overactive thyroid which got treated with carbimazole but it came back within a year and then was back on carbimazole until they gave me RAI. That got me well but sent me severely underactive and had to be put on Levothyroxine. I am now just about on the right amount of Levothyroxine and am feeling so well. I have to take 150mcg a day. Whatever your situation if it's properly treated hold in there because you will get better and you will feel so great again, I've been ill for about 3 years but in the end it was worth the wait but a bit long.

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  • I love hearing positive stories, it gives me hope I'll get better too

  • Abmonster, that's very good news. Thanks for posting as it does help those still struggling to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

  • That's great news. It gives people hope that they can get well. You have clearly been treated very well which is great to hear. Thanks for sharing :)

    Carolyn x

  • Thanks for sharing it is really good to hear. xo All the best Susita

  • Thanks

  • Lovely to hear that you're doing well. Thanks for posting as newbies (I am one!) can become a wee bit alarmed when they first visit this site x

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