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Help please hypo or hyper

I have put a previous post on and bloods point to the fact that I am still hypo.

However I have scared myself this morning by taking pulse and BP when standing up. At rest sat down when I woke it was 129/76 P74 and then I stood up and it was 120/100 P105.

Reading Dr P book it says if BP comes together like 120/100 it points to hypo but high pulse points to hyper so I am confused now which am I?

My pulse all day seems to be about 100 but at rest in bed at night back to 75. Should I be concerned about high pulse like this and reduce meds even though still have all hypo symptoms?

Previous post with bloods and history:

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Your last set of labs show hypo. If you have made no medication changes, then you're still hypo, and the symptoms you're experiencing may be from noradrenaline, which is being secreted to compensate for the lack of thyroid hormone.

I would not reduce meds--you'd be going the wrong way with your dose! Make sure you check iron/ferritin too.


Thank you I will read that article.


Should have added yes no medication changes, still 2g NDT.


I think the important words are 'points to', not 'confirms'! No one symptom is going to mean that you are ver-medicated, these anomolies happen. If you still have hypo symptoms then you are hypo.

Hugs, Grey


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