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1 month into t3 trial

Well I have now been taking the additional T3 for about 4 weeks, I have had to mess arround with the dose a little.

I was on 125mcg /150mcg of levo

my endo put me on 100mcg with 20mcg of T3 / 125mcg with 20mcg of T3

I put me on 100mcg of levo and 20mcg of T3. Was worried that the dose was too high. Felt great for a couple of weeks.

I feel fab but have noticed a drop of in the evenings and when I lie down in bed I think I am getting palpatations aching in my chest leading to me feel my heart beating it seems to calm down and is only sporadic.

This morning I have changed my dose down to 75 mcg / 100 mcg of levo and 20mcg of T3.

I am going to stay on this for a month and see how I fair.

No change in my weight but less tired and acid reflex reduced considerably. However naughty treats over xmas brought it back for a few days. like bread lol crusty bread dipped in melted cheese. (2 naughties off my list).

Anyway feeling better .

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That's the best way to go, by how you feel. As you say you feel o.k. that's the dose which suits, so GP shouldn't mess about with your dose if you're feeling well.


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