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Graves symptoms whilst being hyper?

After having RAI in july I have went hypo. I am currently on 150mcg levothyroxine, however these past few weeks I have noticed the light heads and heart racing that I used to get when hyper. Don't have my test results but I know they still shown I was underactive as go increased meds. Can I have these symptoms with being hypo or would it be the graves part mixing with hypo? I'm confused.

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Sorry no one has replied.

If it is any help when I was first on block and replace every time I needed an increase in Levothyroxine I had hyper symptoms although I obviously wasn't hypo. My GP gave me amitryptiline to deal with the palps ( can't take beta blockers) I took that until the palps stopped then phased it out and when I saw my endo she raised the levo. Next time i needed an increase I was able to persuade my GP to give me an increase without waiting to see the endo. I wasn't on a large dose though. First time I increased from 50 to 75 mcg a day then next time I went onto 75/200 alternating. Both times an increase was what I needed.

Hopefully someone will come in and give you more / better advice. you need to post your results with ranges. Have you had your B12, vitamin D, ferritin and folates checked? if so post them with results and ranges.


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