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choking fit

I was typing a post on my tablet and lost it so on my frustrated.i know I should have called an ambulance so please don't tell me to.i choked on my cereal this morning on first spoonful.anyone who knows my history with doctors and consultants in the last three years especially my own gp-will know that I have had no answers for anything and told things like "its nothing" "its your stomach"and worst of all "I cant feel anything"! diagnosed with hiatus hernia duodenitis gastritis and another condition I cant recall which if my gp had taken me seriously would have been discovered two years ago .cos I complained to PALS and practice manager all i got told was i could go elsewhere if I continued to go on the internet and not accept what gp s are telling me.i told her they need to accept what I am telling them.a prime example of this is when I went to see a dr cos had difficulty swallowing and she gave me meds which I later found out were for IBS when I have never had IBS and my gp kept putting everything down to it how are meds for IBS going to help me swallow?the fact that ive had difficulty swallowing history of choking swollen tongue and tightness and swelling in neck and enlarged thyroid(?)-told by gp" I cant feel anything".i cant get to see my gp as he is always fully booked (or so they say)and he hasn't ever apologized for not discovering hiatus hernia etc.i would never had known I had gallstones if left to gp as they were discovered when I "went private".no apology from gp for not discovering them of for anything else ive told them they have not accepted .my swollen stomach is sole reason fro three stone weight gain and I still believe it to be gynaecological as had pelvic pain for well over a year and no reason given.they put everything down to fibro even tho symptoms are not those of fibro.

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Hi Anbuma, is it likely the hiatus hernia caused you to choke? I see you've had a colonoscopy and diverticulitis is diagnosed. My aunt was a very small slim woman but her stomach was very distended with diverticulitis.


Lost my reply could be as have still got pain and tightness in that area.but the same as previous occasions it has been choking on cereal first thing in morning.I have had tightness in my neck and lumps(enlargement of thyroid or goitre).I have never had a scan on my neck.I live alone so don't have anyone here to assist me when I have choking spells.I was struggling to get my breath and tried to thump myself in my back.choking should be taken seriously whatever reason as prolonged can cause deprivation of oxygen to brain.not saying that would be in my case but my brother puts it down to anxiety and doesn't accept that my gp has ignored everything i have seen him for.he. persists in saying Dr isnt dismissing me if that was the case my ,conditions would have been discovered 2 years ago.


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