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Why don't people get it?

I have struggled to get people to understand how Under active or over active thyroid effects peoples lives and that includes Drs. Does any one else get this? They shove the meds at you and say see how it goes and your expected to lump it? No support info. When I was diagnosed I didn't even know this was a condition I would most likely have to live with for the rest of my life!!! I was told by the Dr I would be on long term meds over the phone, didn't even tell me why, just said my thyroid was on the low side and left me a prescription behind the desk. I had google to fill in the gaps and the mother in law was still calling me lazy and my husband still shouted at me for falling asleep in the middle of the day as I couldn't carry on. After all I had the meds why weren't they working yet again I wasn't told it would take a long time.

I'm sorry Ive had this bottled up for about a year and recent events have peed me off so needed to know if anyone else feel like this condition isn't even on the radar? When I tell people about it they haven't heard of it or don't understand it if they have.

thanks for reading


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Clare, Many of us are just told a little white pill daily will sort us out. No warning that it can take months/a year to get dose right and symptoms will continue until after it is right, or we may have become vitamin deficient, or antibodies (if tested) can be reduced by adopting a gluten-free diet. Or maybe we're told some of those things but are so brain fogged we don't take it in or remember.

The letter in this link may be helpful in explaining hypothyroidism to your husband and MIL


Sorry to read that you're struggling. Most people feel that the NHS will sort out one's health but the reality is that they don't. In my experience we have GPs who know diddly squat and care even less, they'd rather prescribe ADs. Then we have Endos who hide behind guidelines and do as little as possible.

The best thing you can do is to educate yourself about the thyroid and this Forum is a fantastic resource for many people. Ask questions on here, there's a huge amount of knowledge that thyroid sufferers will share.


aaron, we are ALL with you. I don't know why more people AREN'T SHOUTING ABOUT THIS TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE.

I think one thing is that the devastating parts of this illness don't really show. The nerve damage, the constant tinnitus, the sudden wakefulness after three hours of sleep and oh, the pain. It seems the puffy weight gain and sluggish brain cells are what they see and than can accuse you of whining and eating.

I think it's a crime and have mentioned that a class action suit would be phenomenal. In the end, I think we might as well forget about mainstream medicine and deal with it ourselves; not easy but can be done.

I do not blame you one bit for being angry but it doesn't really improve your health.


Aaron, I think we have to spend too much time learning about our condition and then so much time trying to improve our condition with Vitamins, minerals, self testing, reading etc etc. It can be quite exhausting physically and mentally just to deal with our condition. We haven't the energy to try and educate those around us, especially when most medics just repeat the same mantra, keep taking the tablets.

This site is a lifesaver and has certainly helped me to deal with being hypo and having antibodies. I also believed that one pill a day would solve my problems. Then I started to read about the thyroid, it produces T4, T3, T2 and T1 but the little white pill only gives us T4?! Now why does our thyroid produce the other 3 things?! Don't ask your doc, they think you are trying to be clever! So I have learned that one little white pill will never make me feel 100%

It isn't just thyroid patients that have problems. Our health system doesn't work because it has been reduced to ticking boxes and filling the pockets of the Pharma's rather than listening to the patient and trying to work with them in partnership to improve their condition. The NHS says we should be in a partnership but it is a pity that many of the docs haven't heard the message.

Also, there are too few GP's, our population has grown but numbers of Docs coming out of medical school has barely increased and of course more people are living into old age. The fact that for a lot of them it is a pretty grim unhealthy old age doesn't help matters either.

We have to keep learning, trying new things and informing others through this site. Maybe one day there will be a sufficient critical mass of us to make a difference but in the meantime it is DIY health for me.

Do hope things improve for you.


I find it an absolute scandal. If you don't already have it, get yourself a copy of "Stop the Thyroid Madness" by Janie Bowthorpe. It's my bible and addresses all this beautifully, plus guiding you through the minefields of all the possible problems and what to do.

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Yes, I thought I was lazy until an increased dosage showed me how differently I could feel. I think, like most things, it's very hard to empathise unless the experience is shared - hence this amazing site which you are a part of!

I'd definitely buy 'Stop the Thyroid Madness' and take control for yourself. I learned that lesson after trusting an ignorant doctor who sent me badly hypo, insisting her way was the only way!

Hope you start to feel better, soon :)


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