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Female Hormone Test


I have been to see a practitioner recently who has suggested it might be beneficial for me to have a Female Hormone Test done. In your experience, did having this test lead to a definitive diagnosis? This was put forward to me as an option but the Dr advised that it might give some indication of issues however, I have been prescribed some medication which I was advised would probably be what was prescribed for me after the test anyway.

Any views would be appreciated.


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When I had the test done, the Dr. discovered that my testosterone was lower than she expected and had to put me on a stronger dose of medication. I think having the test shows whether you are taking something not needed or if you might need more or if it is something else completely.


I was diagnosed and treated initially based on symptoms and clinical observation, but have my bloods monitored to see that meds are not putting anything out of balance. It should be pretty obvious without bloods what you are too low or high in.

Anything the NHS does comes back normal unless you are about to die (or there is a significant funding points incentive for it not to be normal).


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