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Hi , I have problems with taking tablets and have tried everything from crushing to mixing with liquid but still no joy. I have recently found out about the liquid form of thyroxine and have asked my GP to prescribe it but he refuses saying it's too expensive....I'm gutted and desperate and wondered if anyone could recommend my next levels are not good at the minute and need to get it sorted and feel I'm not being listened to or helped by my GP.


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  • Have you tried lightly coating the tablet in butter - slips down the throat very easily then? Xx

  • Hi thank you for your reply and yes I've tried that the problem is I have a very sensitive gag reflex and struggle even with food sometimes. I know it sounds stupid and pathetic but I have to take this stuff for the rest of my life and want to feel comfortable about doing it not gagging every morning..I just thought if they made a liquid form it would be my answer so was gutted when the GP refused on cost grounds x

  • Meish, why isn't crushing the tablet and dissolving it in water any good?

  • Hi, I know it sounds stupid but I have a really bad gag reflex and have tried crushing with water but it doesn't dissolve and the bits then get stuck and the gagging commences...which early in the morning doesn't not set me up for a great day...I know it's a psychological problem I have and have lived with by always having medicines in liquid form and the thought of gagging every morning for the rest of my life is not making me happy. After seeing the liquid form I thought at last an answer but my GP flatly refused on cost grounds.

  • Meish, we normally advise people to take Levothyroxine on an empty stomach, but needs must, so could you crush the tablets and spread them with butter on to a cracker or piece of toast and take them that way? You won't absorb Levothyroxine as well so may need a dose increase to compensate.

  • Thank you that could be an idea...I have always taken away from food as instructed but if I have no alternative then I could do that I will discuss this with my GP so he can alter the dose to compensate x

  • Clutter's made a great suggestion there. Yes, ideally you should take Levo away from food but it's known that some people just can't do that.

    You could also consider taking it last thing at night. Years ago I used to have terrible trouble swallowing pills first thing in the morning, so got into a routine of taking them before bed.

  • Thank you I was always instructed that you should take Levo first thing in the morning and not to take at night as it can affect your maybe better to add it to something I eat before I go to bed as I agree that it's harder to take things in the morning.

  • You might care to read the poll conducted here on the very subject of when people take their levothyroxine. I take mine at night and one of the first improvements I noted was better sleep.

    (You might need to click on something to see the results and many comments. I have voted so it affects what I see.)

    Bed-time dosing is widely recognised with even some GPs knowing about it being an option. :-)


  • I take mine last thing at night xx

  • Speaking as one, so from experience, I would also suggest sessions with a qualified clinical hypnotherapist because an exagerated gag reflex such as you describe, might be usefully addressed and resolved at cause.

  • Hello Meish,

    I can not tolerate tablets of any form of Thyroid Medication either. I was refused everything from my first surgery so in the end I changed to a different surgery and a few months ago I finally got the liquid Levo - and the improvement is unbelievable - although I can not take a normal dose and have Betablockers as it has put the heart rate up - it has been the best option by a long way and I do feel that by slowly increasing this liquid T4 then I will end up getting better, it never would have happened with the tablets.

    I would suggest changing to a more helpful surgery and also being assertive and taking someone in with you when you see the doctor - that way it is harder for them to dismiss what you.

    Good Luck


  • Thanks Debs that's great I do feel very strongly about it and have already started looking at alternative surgeries and your post has made me even more determined to fight my corner....fingers crossed x

  • Thats great Meish - It seems the only way to get proper treatment.

    Good luck

  • Hi Meish,

    Sorry to hear that you have trouble taking the thyroxine. I tend to drop my thyroxine tablet into a drop of water, swirl it about so no residue reaches the bottom and drink it in one. I hope you get the issue sorted soon and I know it's hard but you'll get there I'm sure. :)

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