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Newly diagnosed

Thanks to all who have replied to my post and given advice. I will certainly get my next blood test done early in the morning. That's easy for me as I work in gp practice so will ask a colleague to do it before we start at 8.30. The exercise thing is a big one for me. I hate being overweight and want to look better. I also want to feel well and have more energy and less pain. Does anyone know if addison' s is hereditary? I am worried about this.

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Hi Katy,

It would be helpful if you complete your profile with your thyroid history as it makes it easier for members as they don't need to keep asking you the same questions. As they just need to click on your name/photo for the info.

Always get copies (which should be easy for you) with the ranges of your blood test results, for your own records and so you can post if you have a query. As some have said 'normal' to the GP is not always normal for us.

Don't take medication until after your blood test as it can skew results. I hope GP increases dose very soon as being on too low a dose can also cause symptoms.


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