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looking for a book

but not anyone, only a specific one.

Hi there everyone...

same old long story the short way...

both me and my wife are Hashi patients, in all senses of the word but one, 'cause you've got to have a doctor to treat you so you can call yourself someone's patient.

So that's why I'm looking for a specific book; sorry for the imprecise details but it's all i remember (i.e. mostly nothing and blurry): about 15-20 months ago I stumbled-upon a website of a UK guy (i'd swear it was a man, yes) not a doctor but a guy that had any kind of thyroid condition (probably Hashi but i can't tell). In that blog/website he told this story of how he overcame his condition with a treatment that used a T4/T3 combination (supervised by his family doctor, maybe?). And so he published all his experiences, method and findings in a book.

That's the book I'm looking for. So, please, any help to find it will be more than welcome.

- Wait a minute!! A self-treatmenet, self-medication book? Are you crazy?

- Well, maybe I am. You want to know why, don't you?

The thing is that when you're diagnosed with Hashi here in Spain they tell you, "'ve got an autoinmune disease, your body is attacking your thyroid, so when it's so damaged that cannot work properly any more, come back and we'll supply you with the synthetic hormone". And there's no point in arguing about any other treatment approach, nor dietetic (what has diet to be with Hashi?) or allopathic, so no mention the naturopathy anathema.

It's frustrating and discouraging the way they treat you as if you were mad or stupid. You're not a doctor so you know nothing; it doesn't matter if you speak three languages and have two BSc Degrees and a MSc degree, so you're perfectly capable of understanding about 95% of a scientific/medical text in the first reading, probably having access to medical papers they don't 'cause lack of the language knowledge. But it's not even a matter of smartness. You know your body, and you know when something is good for you and when something is not; you know when something is not right, but feel helpless when having to fight or lie with some made-up symptoms just to get the simplest labwork.

Anyway, we've been doing our best the last two years and a half, first going to a GF diet, then to a more strict antiinflamatory diet, and all the way supplementing with vitamins and minerals, and though there was a huge improvement in the first couple of months that kept stable for a year or so, we've been on a slope down back to a regresive state in the last 10 months.

My wife was diagnosed about 10 years ago and trusted the doctors words ("there's nothing to do but wait") 'till she began to research on Hashi through internet, as said, a couple of years ago. She's been much more time with the illness so her thyroid is more damaged and her condition worse than mine. We've tried everything but medication, 'cause we're not doctors 'tough smart enough to understand self-medication risks and dangers, but now it seems the only possible path.

So, as already said, thanks in advance for any clue on the book i'm looking for.

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Was it, perchance, this chap?


Maybe it was a book by Paul Robinson 'Recovering with T3' ?

Best of luck



We have this book in our library if you would like to 'try before you buy'....! ;) Drop me an email for info about postage cost to Spain though... :)

Alternatively, buying from Amazon through the link on our website will get Thyroid UK a small commission! :)


thank you!! you all three hit the nail in the head!!!

that's the book/website indeed!! despite the wrongness of my clues!!

i'll have a look for reviews in the group but, any comment about it? have you read it/tried it?



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