Hyperthyroid & want to get pregnant

Hi all, I was diagnosed hyperthyroid in May and am on 40mg of Carbimazole and 100g of Levothyroxine (block and replace therapy). I was really hoping to start trying for a baby but my consultant has strongly recommended not doing this as it would be both a risk to me and the baby. He has said that I need to complete the 'schedule' of treatment which will last between 12 and 18 months but he thinks 18 months is more likely. That will mean that I will be 35/36 when I have a baby if I'm able to get pregnant straight away, which leaves a 5 year age gap between my little girl and baby. We are currently taking his advice in not trying to conceive but I don't want to look back and regret this.......any advice anyone? Thank you for your time xx

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I am on block and replace also but I was told only 9 months treatment .I started in November and come off end of this month.I know carb is not to be usef in pregnancy but the alternative PTU I have read is ok.Check this out and ask Endo about it, good luck x

Thanks so much

I was diagnosed in February 2009 when I was 34 and soon started on the block and replace. A few months later I changed the carbimizole to PTU and in the October 2009 I was given the go ahead by the Hospital to start trying for a family. I was pregnant by the end of the month! I had blood tests and scans every four weeks after 20 weeks and by the time my daughter was born I'd been weaned off the the PTU and the thyroxine as the pregnancy hormones had "reset" my thyroid.

I guess its down to how quickly the body reacts and settles down to the cocktail of meds but I'd ask to change to PTU.

Thanks so much

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