Angina bullosa haemorrhagica

Last night was feeling a little down and scoffed a whole large tub of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. Enjoyed every guilty mouthful (have been off sugar for a month and just had to have it, as you do!!) After the last lingering spoonful, I immediately felt some large lumps on the inside of my mouth. I felt quite panicked and went to inspect immediately. Looking in the mirror there were about three large blood filled blisters, and then all of a sudden they burst and I had a mouth full of blood! Quite bizarre, no pain just all rather odd. Looking up on the internet I found it is not an uncommon complaint, but I couldn't find anything to connect to thyroid although Diabetes was mentioned.

Has this happened to anyone else, as am curious?

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  • But you didn't get an ice cream headache? LOL! Impressive.

  • Never heard of this! How ODD! :(

    Also very curious to know..... which flavour...!? ;)

    I have pinned this for a while for you..



  • New to me!

    Short, recent and fairly easy-to-read paper:

    Some of the literature mentions steroid inhalers (typically for asthma) and/or diabetes mellitus.


  • I have had exactly the same response when I used to eat sugar.

    I too would not eat sugar then binge and the same thing occurred. I now avoid sugar like the plague. The body is great at letting you know something is not good for you, it just takes us a long time to read the signs. Anyway, hope you enjoyed your wagon fall, just get straight back up and carry on. We've all done it!

  • Thank you Bridesmum, lesson learnt!

  • Hi! Have you learned anything more about this condition? I have just been diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid condition, and I have had this experience too. Very scary. Makes me wonder what other like-tissue hidden in the body is doing when I eat something I shouldn't. Estrogen replacement therapy has lessened the frequency of this happening. I can actually tell that the lining of my mouth is thicker/stronger when I take the estrogen.

  • Even though it was only a year ago I posted this, have completely forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder!!

    I haven't had any more Ben & Jerry's and not had the problem again or anything like. Is it because I am better replaced with thyroid medication, who knows.

    Hope you manage to track down what the problem is with yourself Sopal. All very bizarre!

    Good luck!

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