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How to register as disabled with hypothyroidism?

Hi all. I'm hoping someone could point me in the right direction regarding registering as disabled? I've tried a few advice bureaus, but no answers yet. It seems like such a mystical process - any idea where to start?! After 2 years of not being able to walk anywhere, drive and now I've lost my full time job, it looks sensible to register if possible. Any experiences you can share? Any info would be really appreciated. Cheers, Jen

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Hi Jen,

Rather than try to register as disabled, I think you should try to sort out why you are unable to walk. Hypothyroidism is horrible but your treatment should not be leaving you in this state. Do you have results of a recent thyroid blood test, with the reference ranges? If so, post here and members can tell you whether you are optimally medicated. It sounds as though you need more medication or a different kind. What is your current dose and is it Levothyroxine? You should also have blood tests for serum iron, ferritin B12, folate and Vit D. These are often low in hypo people and exacerbate the problems, plus deficiencies may affect the way your body deals with thyroid hormone. I feel sure your health can be improved with the right medication. Your GP should carry out all the tests but with thyroid tests, ask for TSH, free T4 and free T3 and thyroid antibodies. These will give a good picture of what is happening to you.


Ah thanks Hennerton, but I'm a long way down that road! I am addressing the route issues (it having taken 2 years and £1000's to diagnose), however my problem is very advanced and alot more than just my thyroid has been affected. Its basically going to be a very long journey back to health (involving lots of organ failures) and thus whilst I'm on the journey it would be very helpful to have some support i.e. being able to park outside my place of work etc. I've just changed to Erfa which is an absolute miracle, but as I said, there are other organs that need to get on board and get healed before I'm anywhere near a normal human being again.

Thanks for your reply - its what I would have said to anyone that wasn't addressing the route causes of their problem. I'm just a very complicated case!


Consider trying organic Sulfur/Sulphur.


Is that to help feed the mitochondria? If so, I do try to use the sulphur heavy parts of the Wahls protocol in with the Paleo diet/ lifestyle that I've implemented. Supplementation is an option I've considered though - do you have a recommended brand?


I rcvd my first bag of loose Organic Sulfur/Sulphur, from a supplier in France, who I rang last week. The sulfur originates from these people.

I know someone who had no benefits from some brand she bought on amazon. She then bought Organic loose stuff from Higher Nature, and that reduced her musculoskeletal/joint pain so she's stayed with it.

There's someone on this site who I got talking to and she takes, I think, OptiMSM, which is also reputedly Organic. I think she's been on it for a while.

I wouldn't bother with non-organic &/or adulterated with preservatives/additives.


You dont register as disabled. It was the local councils that had a disability register but they did away with it years ago.

If you have mobility problems then you could apply for dla or pip (I nthink all new claims are now pip, but not sure) if you are awarded the mobility payments then you may be entitled to apply for the blue badge scheme which allows disabled parking. Sometimes the councils will at their discretion, allow you to apply for the blue badge scheme without being in receipt of dla (high rate mobility award required) or the equivalent pip. but its rare to be granted and trhey will send you for the same assessment as for the benefits anyway so you may as well just apply for the benefit.

If you are on low rate mobility dla then you wont get it.


Just a little reassurance. One of's Trustees, Sue Chippendale, herself was so ill and in a wheelchair and this is a little bit of her story.

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I lost my job because of illness, then i applied for employment and support allowance a year later ( I spent all my savings, before applying, on private doctors/living costs, I think there's a limit regarding savings). Then someone automatically came out to assess me to see if I could get PIP.


Hi I have now been registered as disabled. it took a while to get it all sorted but I now have both the mobility and care component.

Do you have any official diagnoses?

I applied direct through the main website. I know benefits are all changing and it might be slightly different, but I was sent a large pack that I had to fill in. I was advised that Most people will be turned down at there first applivcation. This is what happened to me, so then I had to appeal.

I would suggest that you get a doctors letter explaining how much your illness is impacting your life and that you also have chronic fatigue syndrome aswell as hypothyroidism. However do not do this and Do not send this doctors letter in until the appeal stage because you will need to provide additional information at the appeal stage and a doctors letter is great.

If your doctor does not realise the extent the impact your illness is having on you then now is the time to start making appointmnets to see them and get them familiar with you and how unwell you are.

Follwoing me appealing I was then asked to have a medical assessment where I had to go to a centre and had one of the benefits doctors assess me. I went with my mum and showed him how unwell I was, like with walking and getting up and down and the usualy pain and fatigue.

I was then send a letter following this confirming I had been given disability living allowance. It was a lengthy process but it was worth it because I can now financially manage which is impossible to do when you are so unwell. If you have any more questions please just ask,


Thanks for that - my GPs have been very unsupportive and dismissive of my illness for the last few years. I will seek a new one so that I can at least get a letter from them about the impact. I feel like I'm going mad when I go to see them - they just shrug their shoulders and send me away - literally. Same when I had a 5 day hospital stay earlier this year for an onset of severe and unexplained vomiting, fever, pain and fatigue. They sent me away saying they had no idea what was wrong, and still no follow up from any department. It's crazy. I will try what you have suggested above, thanks.


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