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Hi guys for the last week Iv felt awfully dizzy, to the point i can't sleep scary , keep feel like walking in a fuzzy bubble. Got sore throat now abad case of oral thrush , feel weak , water infection that showed white cells. I. Had up beg for a Fbc on Friday , I'm waiting results feel shocking . I'm on carbimazole & feel like no one helping me , do I have to stick it out is tjos normal will it pass I know side effects from Carbi , but getting worse to the point I can't be on my own in case I feel like i will pass out , I'm in normal range! Have been for last 6 months , feel my immune system is being ruined. my endo won't do bloods until sept, it does state while taking Carbi if get sore throat unwell see gp well that what I'm doing a lot of. Should I get another endo. I'm based in South Yorkshire so any good nhs endo or should I go private. Binky noo

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I am sorry no one has come back to you. In in your area but hypo so not really got any experience there but I do appreciate how worrying it can feel when you are at a loss of what to do next. Have a word with p1pp1ns, she may be able to help.

Hope you soon feel better.


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