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Went to collect my prescription today. I was asked if I had time to see the pharmacist for a review of my meds. First up - levo. She points out that my prescription says to take one and then two on alternate days. She says that the last time I ordered them through this chemist I was on just one a day. I said cheerfully that I'm now taking 2 a day as 1 then 2 wasn't enough.

Then ramipril. She told me I was prescribed 2 a day. I said I was only taking one as my BP has come down now that my thyroid and adrenals are being treated. I told her I was taking a form of natural dessicated thyroid and seeing a doctor in another town.

Ok - she's starting to realise she has a certified nutter on her hands, so goes in for the kill. She also has on record that I take citalopram - but horror, there was no request for a repeat.

I told her I just take them when I need them. Oh she said, you mean you take them for 3 months? No, I said, 1 day. Sometimes up to 5. Look of disbelief and horror. I laugh and say my doctor doesn't believe me either.

She says "it's probably the placebo effect".

I decide it's too frigging hot to get into a conversation so smile sweetly and say "I don't care why they work so long as they do".

I have come to believe that in the medical world I am surrounded by idiots, morons and ignoramuses. But hey, I got the prescriptions I need.

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  • You go, Girl! Clemmie

  • Thoroughly enjoyed your post. I trust you feel so much better informed, especially about the levo.

  • I did business procedures training for a chain of pharmacies once. They do this medicine review thing (which you can refuse) because the NHS cut the amount of money they get for prescribing and gave them other ways to get funding points - MURs (Medicine Use Reviews) - they are supposed to talk to you and possibly the GP if they think there is something wrong. It's all crazy.

  • I told my pharmacist that I knew everything I was taking and why, then I left!!

  • I hate Pharmacies and pharmacists!!! They think they're so clever and they know nothing!!!! I would have said I hadn't got time to talk to her because I know it would have made me so angry I would have hit her or something! lol I think you handled that very well. I have had rows in all the pharmacies round where I live and can't go into any of them anymore. I really think they are just frustrated would-be doctors who are always trying to prove themselves. Could write a book about it. lol

    I know, I'm always saying that, but one day I will. First half on dope-docs and second half on bossy pharmacists. Less I have to do with any of them, the better I feel!

    Hugs, Grey

  • My view is it's a game and there is no point in even trying to explain. They have no intention of listening anyway, they just want to be superior. I just go into one of my facetious moods and smile sweetly. It's amazing how many people are made happy by telling them what they want to hear.

    The same, apparently, works for counsellers, psychiatrists and ME therapists. They don't have the skills to tell whether you are being serious or being facetious. If you tell them what they want to hear they are happy. Saves hours of frustration on your part - there's no point trying to explain to those who don't want to hear.

  • Well, yes, you could be right. That's just not how I function. lol

    I dare say they are very happy when you tell them what they want to hear but it's not doing them any favours in the long run, and not doing any favours to the next person that has to deal with them.

    I don't know, I just don't go in pharmacies anymore, I get my son-in-law to go for me! lol

    These so-called professionals, one of them made three mistakes in my prescription in April. Three mistakes!!! My s-i-l went back and told her, and said luckily for you my mother-in-law knows what she's talking about! And the brassen hussy said, in a seductive voice, oh, I deserve to be punished for that!!!! Of all the cheek! Giving my s-i-l the eye! Good job my daughter wasn't there or she'd have got punished all right! lol I've just got no trust in them anymore.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Starting to agree with you. For years I had a really good one but then she retired. Lately we have lots of locums and one has been particularly crasse. He admits he puts newly received meds at the front rather than at the back of the shelf. This week I picked up 5 boxes of Levo and two expired 6 months behind the others and these two days were also on last months supply. I month ago I took my prescription home to find it was Wokheart (sp?) not MP so I went back and asked to speake to the pharmacist-someone different appeared so I passed her the package and said was there any reason I had been given these. She peeped in and then said had I wanted a different brand so I said year so then she said well you must tell us. I pointed out it was written on the script! She went into the back to see who had done it and showed the script and what I had got to the person who must have dispensed it. She shouted across the shop that I must have it put on my notes. I shouted back I thought it would have been done by know has requested over 5 years ago. So in a moment of glory she swooped on the card and guess what it was as I had said! Did I get an apology-no!

  • Once, I went into one of my local pharmacies and there was a girl I'd never seen before. I asked her for Vit D and she gave me a vile and said to renew it every month.

    The next time I went in, I saw the owner of the pharmacy. I asked for vit D. She asked for my prescription, I said I didn't have one. She said well, you can't have vit D without a prescription. I said well, last time a blond girl gave it to me. She said we don't have a blond girl here. I said well, she was behind the counter and she gave me vit D. The pharmacian smiled at me as if I was senile and imagining things and said oh, you must have had a prescription! Let me see on the computer what you've had recently.

    She looked on the computer and her face was a picture when she found that I hadn't had ANYTHING on prescription for a couple of years. You must have gone to a different pharmacy, she snapped, you can't have vit D without a prescription, it's dangerous! I said, well, in Belgium you can get it without one. She said, in Belgium they can do what they like but THIS IS FRANCE, MADAME (ICI C'EST LA FRANCE!!!) She shouted out so loud that everyone turned round and sniggered. I nearly wet my knickers trying not to laugh, she was so rediculous and just couldn't bear to find that she'd been wrong. I said ok,ok, just give me my other stuff and tell me what I owe you because you are really annoying the hell out of me! I'll buy my vit D on internet!!!

    So stupid!

  • How strange!

  • Strange? No, typical!

  • Can't have Vit D without a prescription. What a load of old (*&*(. I buy Vit D oral spray from Amazon.

  • Well, yes, I know. But this is France for you. She was right, you can't buy it OTC in France.

    The pharmacists don't want to lose their Monopoly. The more prescriptions that are handed out, the more you are obliged to go into their shops, the more likely you are to buy other EXPENSIVE stuff. This is how they make their money. Just being able to buy vit D at will wouldn't make them any money at all.

    Besides, they love the power! All pharmacists are power hungry! lol

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