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Need advice on medication

My gp has, out of the blue, decided he won't prescribe my thyroid medication for me after 6 years, or test me. I have approached the practice manager to dispute this. What else (if anything) can I do? Can they do this after all of this time?

My suspicion is that it's since dr myhill wrote to him about me and informed him that dr skinner had sadly passed away.

Any advice would be gratefully received as my dosage is high, so to buy privately would be costly.

Thank you

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I would visit my local MP and see what he can do. Find out which day(s) he does a 'surgery'. Your medication is lifelong and you have been on it for six years and, I assume, feeling well. I suppose it can be the ruling of the practice as it might now be down to cost. If you didn't feel well on levo. If it's NDT you're taking. The guidelines of the BTA (which we know are rubbish) are that Armour etc are frowned upon. You can always leave Dr Lowe's Rebuttal with the MP to read:-


I replied to this last night and it's disappeared. I'm currently still not 100%, but I think it's about tweaking the dosage and working on my diet (dr myhill). Is it worth me approaching my local health authority too? I feel so upset and stressed about it. I currently take 100mcg of liothyronine and 3 grains or armour. Dr myhill believes I have an issue with malabsorption. The doctors mentioned me being referred to an endocrinologist, but we all know what they will do as I was never biochemically hypothyroid in the first place. Would this hinder my case do you think?


I think the local health authority may not be able to do much as the guidelines state only levo should be the medication, although Dr Toft did say we could add 10mcg T3 to a reduced T4.

I see you are taking 100mcg of T3 = approx to 4 grs of Armour which is equal to approx 400mcg levo plus 3 grains Armour (1 grain = 100 levo) = 300mcg levo - Total 700mcg of levo or 7gr of NDT. Dr Lowe talked about some being resistant and I'll post a link below.

Do you have a copy of your latest blood test results. I think that's why the surgery says they wont prescribe due to the high amount of thyroid hormone you are taking. They would be afraid of being struck off.

If any member thinks my figures are wrong, please respond.

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what thyroid meds were you on

what blood test results have you got


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