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T3/T4 Urine testing whilst taking NDT/Supplements

When I initially went to see Dr Peatfield he suggested I have T3/T4 Urine test done in addition to taking certain supplements etc. I couldn’t afford everything at the time but now I am in a position to pay for such a test. My only concern is that I have been on the supplements since then. Does anyone think it is still worth getting tested? I am still not feeling any better and although I had a time where my temperature had risen for a time, it is back down low again.

My thoughts were that although it wont give me a clean reading, it will tell me where my body is now and what it needs i.e. more/less/something else?

Anyone else had these tests done?

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Really sorry that you had no replies! It may be that your question was missed..

In my opinion...... if you are planning to go back to Dr P with the results of the urine test (or another doc who is known to acknowledge the urine test) then go for it....

If you are planning on showing the results to your NHS GP then I would advise having a blood test instead.

Actually - I would suggest having a blood test either way.

I take it that you are not on any thyroid hormone replacement...?

What sort of symptoms are you having...?




Hi Louise

I have recently sent a letter to my GP and said that if they are not willing to support me with taking the NDTs, I asked if they would at least support me with blood tests etc as and when necessary. I also asked them to provide as many blood test results going back as they could – I am hoping (though not sure this is the correct process) that if I can see what my bloods were like when I was ‘well’ that this might give me a guideline to aim for going forward.

I have also written back to DR Pto tell him about my lack of progress to see what he suggests. The urine test is a lot of money that I can ill afford but I overriding is my desire to be on the road to wellness again and I don’t feel that this is happening just yet.

BTW, I am on NTD - Armour, also taking Nutri Thryoid, NAX, Iso b12, vit c I am currently on 1/2 x 2 per day. I have also embarked on a low GI, gluten free approach (though this has not been as strict as I would have liked because I have just returned from a trip to spain where finding anything that suits my requirements was very difficult and limited access to internet) and I can tell the difference because I feel and look bloated already.


It's always good to compare blood results! :)

Hopefully Dr P will have some answers for you...



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