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Yoga and Pranayama helps in control of Thyroid gland secretion control? Any suggestions please!!

I recently came through this post that yoga and other forms of rhythmic breathing helps to bring thyroid problems in control for a long run, however it was strongly suggested that this is not a complete way and doctor prescribed medications must be followed. I am going to try this. Kindly give me your suggestions.

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Practising yoga can be very helpful. In the body there are chakras - which are like wheels of energy or vortexes.... When the yoga teachings were recorded in Sanskrit a thousand or so years ago and the chakras explained - nothing was understood about the Endocrine System. However it seems that each chakra vibrates over/around an endocrine gland. Truly amazing. I have been on a yoga journey more seriously in the last 10 years since retiring and started teaching at 65 - three classes a week :-) Shoulder Stand will stimulate the thyroid - transporting oxygenated blood to the brain via the throat..... Yoga is also an amazing way of balancing the mind/body connection - which we know is very much part of any healing process.

Breathing practices will bring you great rewards - by creating space in the mind - emptying out all the busy thoughts and allowing all the positives to step inside ! The unconscious breath is involuntary and keeps us going come what may - but the CONSCIOUS breath stimulates the cortex of the brain - the newer bit !!

Apologies if I sound evangelical - I have just finished a class and still feeling 'high ! '


Thank you so much for the information.. I am going to try Yoga for sure. but it is said that the shoulder stand position must be avoided for menstruating women since it may lead to other complications. Could you suggest some mudras and other postures to be followed?


...well that's only one week a month :-) There are some very useful sites and videos on You Tube - see what suits you....


Lots of things 'help' short term but unless you are on a proper medication regime nothing will help long term


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