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Hypothyroid, newly diagnosed, on levothyroxine which is working - can I take a multi-vitamin that contains iodine?

I bought this one when we were last in the UK called hair, skin and nails as my hair was falling out and I thought it was my old trouble, alopecia. Now I find it's hypothyroidism. The multi-vit is a Tesco one with a good range of vits and minerals (though probably not great doses of them) but as it also contains iodine I'm not sure whether I should take it. I was taking a different hair/skin/nails one before without iodine but I've run out.

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Bump - I think this one got missed. Anyone got any ideas please?


Personally I wouldn't take iodine with Levo. And, being hypothyroid, you may want a multi-vitamin with higher concentrations of vits and minerals than Tesco will typically do. All these inexpensive, apparently targetted, supplements are a bit weedy, to be honest (as you suspect). The RDA they talk about isn't aimed at people with thyroidism. And (just to completely diss your bottle of tabs! Sorry!!) if the bottle has been open for any length of time the contents will have lost potency.

If the Levo is working for you, you should find that hair and nails strengthen, and hair loss stops. There is a quite specific panel of vits and mins which is good for 'Roidies. And I really wish I'd done a copy and paste of it last time I saw it. Mea culpa. Has anyone got this info to hand? Vits D3 and B12 are especially important, I do know (avoid the B12 cyanocobalmine - there are more helpful preparations). It may also be a good idea to supplement your Adrenal glands, as 'Roidies often run their Adrenal glands down. There is a selection of Adrenal supports on Amazon.


'Roidies!! LOL!

Thanks for the reply, Humphrey, it is more or less as I thought. I won't take this one. I'm waiting for vitamin tests at my next blood test in a few weeks time, so I'll wait until then and see what's doing. I had awful blood tests (see one of my other posts) and I'm only 4 weeks post-diagnosis, so at the moment what I need is to build up the thyroxine in my system and then see what symptoms I've got left.


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