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Hi, i conceived my first baby pretty fast. I have had some thyroid issues and have difficulty in getting pregnant again, is it my thyroid?

After i delivered i realized half of my thyroid was swollen and i had to take it away (my hormone levels were ok). My doctor advised to take Euthyrox as a backup, i used to take 0.12 micrograms daily. I was on microlut for 3 years and stopped to try for another baby. We conceived in 6 months but got a miscarriage (fetus stopped growing after 3 weeks). Have been trying again since 1 year and a couple of months but no joy! I am taking Euthyrox daily (and stop during menstruation) since my miscarriage to maintain my hormone levels in case we got pregnant. Could any of that be the delaying getting pregnant? What's my best course of action?

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Miscarriage and difficulty conceiving can be due to undiagnosed &/or under treated hypothyroidism. NICE recommend that TSH should be in the low-normal range 0.42-2 and FT4 at the top of range.

It may be helpful to check out for more information on pregnancy. Scroll down to the end of her blog to see topics.


Clutter the links seem to be very useful, you are a gem; thank you :)


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