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Swollen left lymph node that moves it mess with

Hi I have had swollen neck node from Christmas of and on if u touch it it get mad and feel as if it moves to back of the jaw and down neck feels tender but node feels as if tender to touch and feel hot but not to touch I have had prostitsis well thay think have had hot flush not all the time I'm getting worried go for blood test next week

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daniel, I don't understand your question that well, but the more you touch the lymph node, the more it is likely to stay enlarged.


If it is a swollen lymph node then its probably some sort of infection so you need to let your doctor know but I would try not to keep prodding it as it may be fighting back! Get it checked out as stress isn't good for you either.


It so hard not to prod it does feel like and infection doctor sent me to dentist that was 3 weeks ago I did have a impacted wisdom tooth on that side iv had it out and dentist said looks to be no infection so don't think it was that . Back two drawing bored last night felt so itchy head and body had bloods done a 1 month ago for thyroid all ok liver ok psa test come back ok but had utra sound last year and show a inlarge prostate and it's so hard not to get stress out I have pain most day in my prostate and burning inflamed feeling my question is as any one else had these .


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