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Wat can I do for my hand dat shakes and my neck dat is hard a times ve been on carb since 2011 thks

I was diagnosed1999, I was on 60mg carb. Change to 20mg in jan 2014, change to 10mg in april 2014, have many symptoms but remain hand shakin.

Dis my result t3-3.8pm01/L, t4-12.4pmo1/L, tsh-8.25m1U/L,

But my neck still hard and I use thyroid thyru caps from china it's herbal mecine thank u (greenlife-herbal)

Symptoms are sweating, fatigue, haert palpitation, irregular menstration, sleep disturbances, memory loss, joint aches, hoarseness upon waking,

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Thank you for giving more info, but you keep posting a new question each time. This will get very confusing for people.

I am combining all of your questions into one.

If you want to reply, you just need to click on 'reply to this'. :)



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