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Wrote a 4 page letter to the

BMJ along with the yellow card scheme today

I have become SO untrusting of Drs in general, that I took it upon myself to write to the BMJ , yellow card scheme about how Quetiapine affected me in January 14. Psychiatric team said that they would fill in the yellow card and send it, but I dont believe anything they say anymore. I am making sure that they have all the info of my mental and physical crash after taking them! Ive become paranoid and keep copies of everything I send with recorded delivery. I also had a conversation with the the private hospital about dztes for the MRI scan. Apparently they couldd not find the referral letter from opthomology dept at NHS hospital who arranged it ! But, apparently the referral has now been found and the neurology dept and opthamology dept's are figuring out who is going to do it? Still have no appt time or date so hopefully will be done by the 20th when I go back tosee specialist a eye clinic! PHEW WHAT A SONG AND DANCE all these people are making for me.??

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I am sorry you have had so much trouble with medication prescribed for you.

I hope you get a response from the BMJ of your letter. It's a sorry state of affairs that something you've been prescribed has had a such a serious affect on your health. It's no wonder one gets neurotic about taking any prescribed meds as you don't know how your body will react.

I do hope you feel better soon.


What annoys me is that the GP will prescribe medicines WITHOUT looking at what you are already taking to see if there is an interaction or problem. The amount of times I have been prescribed tablets when it states clearly that I have a major problem with maize starch which is used as the bulking agent!!


I think that many drs are working beneath genereal standards. They seem to have computer genarative breains that have been programmed by aliens who have started showing up as doctors. LOL.


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