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No resistance to viruses or infections

I've only been diagnosed with auto-immune hypothyroidism for a few months, but have found that I have no resistance to any of the viruses our grandson will bring to our house, and when I've caught it, I can't shake it for up to 3x as long as other family members.

I just caught infectious gastroenteritis, which my husband shook in a couple days, his mum in a couple days, his dad didn't catch at all, and I ran a high fever for 4 days, and am still having bowel problems.

I don't want to have to never see the baby, but it seems like whenever we have him stay, I get very sick with something.

Please help.

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hello Blueyankee,

I feel your pain too! What I do when I start feeling iffy is dose myself with vitamin C with Zinc... I also take Echinacea & golden seal supplements. I also drink plenty of water and have some early nights... (oh boy I sound like my mum lol).

It may sound a bit harsh, but you could ask any family and friends who are feeling unwell to come back another time. I do that with my mine and they understand. If it's not possible then keep antibacterial / antiviral hand gel close at hand and stay a few feet away and wash hands more often :o)

You need to be a little selfish in order to stay well.

I hope this helps a little or gives a few options try...



Hi Blueyankee

I very much sympathise with you. Several years ago I caught everything going, I work in an air-conditioned office so you can imagine any virus/germ going around I caught it! Chest infection, sinutistus, sore throat, temperature etc I could never shake off a cold.

Lyn Mynot gave me some great advice - high dose Vitamin C tablets - I have taken one without fail each morning (the type that disolve in water) whether Im just very lucky but (touch wood) have not suffered with a cold for well over a year now!!

Hope this helps, take care Julia x


Thanks to both of you, I'm already taking high doses of C, I take echinacea every winter as well. They told me that my condition went unnoticed because of the excellent supplements I take (lecithin, chromium picolonate, gingko biloba, etc), but until they get my meds right, and from what I've read here, this could take years, I'll have vulnerability to our lovely little germ bag. I'll give the zinc a go, that's the only thing on the comments I haven't been taking.


The point is Zinc with vit C , that is more important ... It retards the cold virus quickly and reduces the time or even stops you getting it in the first place, I used to use seven seas berries, ( purple box) can't find it recently but sure they still sell it


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