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Hi guys

Just wondering whether people think I am slightly over or under medicated.

I feel incredibly achey and tired - I have all over aching but especially on the back of my arms and legs. When I lie downer sit down at night these pains become much sharper pains - especially in legs and feet that are almost like stabbing/burning pains.

I feel sweaty and flustered when in a warm place or weirdly a car - not necessarily always hot though, almost claustrophobic and clammy - and the second I venture into somewhere a little colder I freeze to the point where I can't move my fingers. They go totally white.

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...sorry Danoute - we really need a bit more information ! Latest blood test results and ranges will enable someone to comment....Have you had your adrenals checked... ? VitB12 Ferritin Folate Iron VitD - all these need to be HIGH in their ranges for you to convert T4 into T3. You do not mention your dose - that would help too once you are able to post your blood results....

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I had a similar experience when on t4 alone. I have always been sensitive to cold but suddenly became equally sensitive to being wrapped up. I would put my coat on and get ready to leave the house but if I was delayed for any reason I would suddenly have to tear my coat off because I would feel suffocated and claustrophobic.

Have you taken your pulse and temp? These can be illuminating, or at least they can give you a better idea of what may be happening.


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