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Underactive Thyroid, on 100mcg levo. Still feel exhausted, Dr unwilling to refer to Endo because I am within their 'range' on bloods

Starting to lose the will to live. Still feeling exhausted and hit a brick wall by 3pm every day, feel like a could sleep standing up. I just know the way I feel is not right. Have suffered underactive thyroid for 15mths now. Originally on 50mcg, had a miscarriage at 11wks last year, after that saw a Dr at a pre-conception clinic at my local hospital who altered dose to 100mcg and referred me back to GP to be monitored, so that my levels would be correct before I try again for another baby because the pre-conception clinic is really for diabetes and not thyroid patients.

GP did 2 further bloods over last few months and has categorically told me he can NOT refer me to an Endo specialist at the hospital because all my results are within range so therefore he cannot do anything. I phone up to chase up my blood results to be told by the receptionists that they are in range and the GP doesn't need to see me.

Help!?!? I feel so ill?!?! Are there are private Endo specialists in Nottinghamshire area? My husband has BUPA so thinking of getting a self-referral done but unsure of which hospital/dr to use?

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You are absolutely entitled to have your blood results, so call your bossy receptionist and ask her either to copy them and you will collect or read them out over the phone. Tell her you need them for your personal records. When you have them, post here for comments and yes, I do think the way forward is privately, as endos seem to feel less hand tied when being paid by us!


Hi Louby

Sorry you are not feeling good. I was also on 100mcg of levo and still felt dreadful but bloods showed my TSH was within range and doctor told me she did not see the need for a specialist despite me saying I was with BUPA.

In the end I researched the way I felt extensively, plus read so much on here and kept getting the same thing come up "make sure your iron, vitamin & mineral levels are optimal". So, I researched blood tests for vitamin levels etc and came across Blue Horizon. I paid privately to have these tested and visited a clinic in Leicestershire, we live in Derbyshire so not far from you.

The outcome was I was severely deficient in Vitamin D and iron & ferritin. I then went back to the doctor who ignored the Vit D levels, just told me to go on holiday and get some sun and she prescribed me iron tablets. I still felt crap after several months of this so went back, took my husband and we were actually quite forceful that we wanted to see a specialist. She eventually said she would refer me but didnt recommend anyone in Derby and told me to do my own research - I did and have been seeing a specialist in Leamington Spa. She has maxed my vit D dosage, changed the iron tablets and upped my levo. Thankfully I am now beginning to feel miles better. Im not quite there yet but I am so much better than I would have been if I had of been stuck with my doctor.

Have you had your iron levels & vitamin levels tested? As Hennerton says, you are entitled to copies of your blood tests. I would ask for these and see what you have been tested for. If you havent been tested and can afford to pay for tests, I would research Blue Horizon. I think I paid about 125 for these tests but they have been what has set me on the road of recovery so well worth it.

Private message me if you need any help seeing as we live fairly close, you would probably end up going to the blood clinic I went to

Debbie x


Theoretically, being 'within range' is meaningless if you still have clinical symptoms, of which GP's appear ignorant. You have to get a copy of your blood test results. Phone GP if necessary to authorise the receptionist to give you when you requirest them.

There are more people within thyroid gland conditions that are more unwell because they are kept 'in range' when in fact they should be well with a low or maybe suppressed TSH as stated by Dr Toft ex President of the British Thyroid Association.


I see your past posts do have your labs plus ranges and they seem high and your TSH quite low. Did you feel good for a while? Am I viewing them correctly?

Why are you having trouble getting your results now?


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