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symptom's suddenly getting worse

Hi All a quick run down..

Never been ill and discovered a large lump in neck last year, wasn't thyroid it was a non cancerous tumour. Had it and right side of thyroid removed and thought all was well.

About two month's after op I started to feel unwell, tired hair falling out. I told hospital on check up and they just said they would take some blood and don't worry. I received a phone call to say I needed to go the hospital as my level was 17.5. I didn't go and saw my gp who has pretty much been great. I am now at present on 75mg off thyroxin and found hair loads better. No weight loss as off yet but I know it all takes time. But what I have noticed is me my self not feeling happy go lucky as I am. I feel tearful and not as happy as I am. Also my blood pressure is sky high too never had a problem with this in my life either. I am now on a daily dose of 5mg off ramipril. I am forty and feel like ninety , and I wreckon I am turning in to a whinger too x

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You most certainly aren't a whinger and there will be so many people on here who recognise the comment "I am forty and feel like ninety". I definitely don't have my usual get up and go so I know exactly how you feel. Others more knowledgeable than me will comment but you do need Vit B12 etc. checked. Hope you start to pick up soon x


It will take a little while for you to feel better with an increase gradually given till you are on an optimum dose for you. You are hypothyroid, it would appear, so you will need to take medication for life. Take your meds in the morning with one glass of water. Don't take any supplements etc for at least 4 hours after levo as some things can interfere with the uptake.

Some find taking it at bedtime easier but you mustn't have had food two hours beforehand.

When you have your next blood test, do NOT take levo beforehand, take it afterwards. Always get a copy of your blood test results with the ranges for your own records and so you can post if you have a query.

If you decide on a night-time dose, miss this and take next day after blood test.

Also ask GP to test your B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

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Was re-reading - The Vitamin D Solution - by Michael Holick last night. Good references about all sorts of conditions - including blood pressure. Cheap to buy on Amazon at the moment....


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