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How do you convince your doctor your thyroid is not working properly as blood tests are ok?

I have felt rubbish for months, fatigue, insomnia, tingling arms, aching joints, basal temperature every morning is 35.1c, generally feel awful, I have had every blood test under the sun done, adrenals, menopause and of course thyroid, how do you get your doctor to listen ?

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Hi and welcome to the site ! It would be good if you could post your most recent results with their ranges and then someone will come along and help. Under Pinned Questions on the RIGHT of this page is a heading - Newbies - Start Here - Posting Hints and Tips. You may find it helpful in knowing what to post. There could be many reasons why you are feeling rubbish and not just the thyroid. did you have B12 Ferritin Iron Folate VitD tested - if not then that could be a good start. Deficiencies can mimic hypothyroidism...

....and you don't need them all :-) Also the main site of Thyroid UK is a whole library full of information and where you can learn so much. Will keep a look out for your posts with the results and ranges.....


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